N.R. Sir BSquare

Director's Message

Each moment is a golden opportunity, an opportunity to learn, to give, to help and to live fully. Education today is no longer confined to four wall of class room. All-round efforts are being made to provide qualitative, value based, activity oriented education in our institution. Since the time we began in 2011, we have constantly strived for excellence. As changes pattern of JEE & NEET Examination, we always give exact level of exams. Today B-SQUARE becomes synonym of success. It has already established itself as one of best coaching institute in Rajasthan, but that is just tip of iceberg. Recently, B-SQUARE has got a new campus, with a new mission and vision of the institute. We have vision to produce at least one professional doctor or engineer in each home. Our mission has to produce AIR-I for both JEE & NEET in coming years. I am sure with the active co-operation of all our Faculty, Students, Employee, Collaborators and Parents, we will succeed in our vision and mission. With Regards.

(N.R. Thiroda)
B-SQUARE Academy