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Merta City

Merta City is a city and a municipality located in Nagaur district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Merta is also known for its link with Mira Bai, the devotee of Lord Krishna.
Modes of Transportation
Merta City is off the Jodhpur-Bathinda line but with a link. Merta City is middle point of Rajasthan, facilitating easy access.
  • 1) 15 km away from Merta Road Railway Junction
  • 2) 35 km away from Butati Dham
  • 3) 60 km Away from Pushkar
  • 4) 80 km away from Ajmer
  • 5) 120 km away from Jodhpur
  • 6) 250 km away from Jaipur (capital)